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Losing Isn’t Everything Author & FOX Sports Announcer Curt Menefee visits on 2/17/17

Back on November 1, 2016 our Executive Director, Jenn Snyder was in New York attending the 10th Annual Stand Up For Heroes event to raise funds for the Bob Woodruff Foundation. Sitting behind her was FOX Sports announcer Curt Menefee. After the event they struck up a conversation and Curt told Jenn about his book, Losing Isn’t Everything, a refreshing and thought-provoking look at athletes whose legacies have been reduced to one defining moment of defeat—those on the flip side of an epic triumph—and what their experiences can teach us about competition, life, and the human spirit.

In Losing Isn’t Everything, Curt Menefee, joined by bestselling writer Michael Arkush, examine a range of signature “disappointments” from the wide world of sports, interviewing the subject at the heart of each loss and uncovering what it means—months, years, or decades later—to be associated with failure. While history is written by the victorious, Menefee argues that these moments when an athlete has fallen short are equally valuable to sports history, offering deep insights into the individuals who suffered them and about humanity itself.

Telling the losing stories behind such famous moments as the Patriots’ Rodney Harrison guarding the Giants’ David Tyree during the “Helmet Catch” in Super Bowl XLII, Mary Decker’s fall in the 1984 Olympic 1500m, and Craig Ehlo who gave up “The Shot” to Michael Jordan in the 1989 NBA playoffs, Menefee examines the legacy of the hardest loses, revealing the unique path that athletes have to walk after they lose on their sport’s biggest stage. Shedding new light some of the most accepted scapegoat stories in the sports cannon, he also revisits both the Baltimore Colts’ loss to the Jets in Super Bowl III, as well as the Red Sox loss in the 1986 World Series, showing why, despite years of humiliation, it might not be all Bill Buckner’s fault.

This Februay 17, 2017, Curt Menefee will be sharing his experience and stories from writing Losing Isn’t Everything with the guest and members of the Hood Hargett Breakfast Club in Charlotte, NC.