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Jason Young Inspires the Hood Hargett Breakfast Club

On Friday April 13th, 2018 Jason Young - expert on workplace performance and customer satisfaction, brought his high energy presentation to Carmel Country Club in Charlotte, NC.

Jason shared  his years of observations and experience with companies such as Southwest Airlines, Walt Disney, 3M, Cisco Systems and others, that have developed unique, high performance cultures and have experienced Culturetopia.

What drives high performance for any company, organization, or team? How do successful companies create high fulfillment and high engagement within the employee workforce where people can do their best work? The key to real success for any workplace lies at the very heart and soul of the organization – it’s culture. When business leaders understand how to measure, define and drive company culture and take action to integrate the values and behaviors consistent with an environment of care and accountability, they will witness an emerging, motivated workforce characterized by optimism, productivity, fulfillment and innovation — high performance and high fulfillment.

Because of the large demand, Jason was kind enough to offer his presentation for download. Click to download the PowerPoint or PDF version of Jason's presentation below!