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Company Name Crisis Assistance Ministry
Company Phone (704) 371-3001
Company Fax (704) 333-4310
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Address 500-A Spratt Street, Charlotte, NC 28206
Description Crisis Assistance Ministry is the leading agency offering emergency assistance to impoverished families in Charlotte-Mecklenburg. With roots in Charlotte’s rich faith community, the independent non-profit agency provides assistance, support and services to help families avoid homelessness, live with dignity, and move toward financial stability. Specifically, Crisis Assistance Ministry helps families by: addressing the immediate crisis with emergency rent and utility assistance, clothing, household goods, furniture and appliances; providing counseling, services and support to give families the tools they need to move toward financial stability; and educating the community about the realities of poverty in Mecklenburg County.

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Decision Maker Name Carol Hardison
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HHBC Contact Name Jennifer Player
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