Tommy Tomlinson shares insights from his lifelong struggle with weight

There’s little doubt that Tommy Tomlinson, former Charlotte Observer columnist, is one of the best storytellers around. He proved that to the Hood Hargett Breakfast Club in February during our luncheon series, as he read excerpts from his new book and shared insights from his lifelong struggle with his weight.

Tomlinson’s book, The Elephant in the Room, was born in the fall of 2011, as he prepared to meet with his literary agent, and had to research their meeting place in advance so he would know where to sit. He had spent all day, every day, navigating life as a fat guy. At 460 pounds, he was addicted to eating. Tomlinson shared his struggle with his agent, who recognized a book in his story.

Tomlinson pushed through his fear to write a raw, authentic book. Reading excerpts, he shared his exploration of the “why” of his addiction, and his journey to become a healthier man. Tomlinson spent a great deal of time answering questions from the audience, who applauded his success and his inspiration.

You can hear more from Tomlinson on SouthBound, the podcast he hosts in collaboration with WFAE.