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Hood Hargett BreakfastClub Members Partner for New Home Remodeling and Real Estate Radio Show!

Charlotte, NC, Thursday, April 30, 2015: WBT and Roby partner to deliver a show that keeps homeowners and business owners in the know about everything from the latest in remodeling and real estate trends to vacation home upkeep and commercial construction.

Rick Feinblatt, WBT General Manager says that the two companies are a natural fit. “Both WBT and Roby planted our roots here in the Charlotte community. We’re companies that have been around for decades. When people think of us, I believe they have a sense of heritage and pride in community. We’re excited to add the Roby family to our broadcasts.”
Trent Haston, President and CEO of the Roby Family of Companies added, “Over the years, homeowners have told us that they’d like to use Roby for many other home-related needs. We heard them and now Roby has five divisions that super serve our clients. Our At Home with Roby show on WBT gives us a platform to use our years of experience, our diverse assets and the professionals we have on staff to be more of an asset to homeowners around Charlotte. If they have questions, we’re here to help.”
The show will be hosted by Trent Haston, President and CEO of the Roby Family of Companies. He’ll be joined by Ashley Davis, President of Roby Realty. Sunday mornings from 9 to 10 will offer a destination for homeowners where they’ll glean information from Roby’s professionals. From week to week hosts will address topics of interest to homeowners. With Roby’s added divisions, there are few home-related areas outside of their expertise: Roby Electric, Roby Commercial, Robee Handyman, Robycross, and Roby Realty.